Our measures of success aren’t rounds of funding or new investors – they’re retail merchandising leads and product purchase orders for online and in-store channels, where 97% of all U.S. consumer purchases still take place. We also work beyond retailers: mobile carriers, energy utilities, and other companies that provide products and services to their customers work with RX to take an innovative approach to their merchandising.

We source startups and innovations from across four primary sectors:




RX provides exclusive, custom accelerator programs for a variety of world-class retailers, carriers and utilities. Sourcing for these programs can range from general merchandising categories (IoT, food and beverage, home goods and more) to private-label sourcing for in-house brands. Unless announced otherwise, details of the programs are proprietary and confidential. 


Virtual coursework. We know that you have a business to run, so we bring the accelerator experience to you, wherever you are!

Coaches and capability partners. Each week you’ll learn the ins and outs of retail from industry heavyweights who have hands-on experience growing products for billion-dollar retailers. You’ll also receive direct support from your RX coach. Along the way, we’ll connect you with capability partners, who will share the knowledge, expertise and services that will ensure your product is ready for retail shelves.

Retail Pitch Day. We put you directly – in person – in front of decision makers from the world’s biggest retail giants. This is your chance to tell them why your product should be on their shelves – and show them that you’re ready to do business and keep pace with them.

Long-term channel management. RX is your ongoing partner, well after the 10-week course concludes. We work with your business to reach the wider set of retailers and distribution partners across the RX Retailer Network, and actively manage your channel management plan.


From channel management representation to access to a wide range of capability partners and services, RX Distribution acts as Vendor of Record (VOR) for a variety of startups - acting as their day-to-day agent with world-class retailers.

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