Matt Haugh


Matt brings over 20 years of experience in the retailing industry in several merchant, marketing and sales roles. As a merchant and marketing director with Best Buy, Matt was instrumental in building several successful multimillion dollar businesses and won multiple awards for his leadership and team building abilities. He was also instrumental in establishing and negotiating several strategic partnerships with various vendors to provide Best Buy with significant incremental value with its partners.

In more recent years, Matt has put his entrepreneurial passions and expertise together to create a set of retail channel management services for Sprosty Network and assists many early-stage companies as well as several well-known companies with established brands with their go-to-market objectives. His work includes assisting organizations with building successful value propositions, managing large sales teams across multiple retail sectors, providing insights into vendor infrastructure and readiness requirements, overseeing logistical and tactical aspects of retailing relationships, negotiating contracts and program agreements and more. Matt has built solid relationships and lines of business with merchants at over 30 different big box and regional retailers within various sectors of the industry throughout the U.S. and Canada. Matt also serves as a founding board member and funding partner for several successful companies with impressive growth stories.